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The brunette turns you leave without kissing


His eyes ocean color blend perfectly with her skin tanned and smooth. You want to take her in your arms, caress and touch all night. She removes her clothes while leaving his hands wander down her thighs and her superb breasts while her long hair chopped overlooks his shoulders. The pretty girl you motion a little and approach your dick in her pussy burning with desire without even introduce a bit of your cock. She plays, pretend, moaned: everything to make you cum on the spot. Some licks are felt on the tip of your penis but that’s all she will give you. Another good handjob intense so you can finally free yourself from your damn that you spray on her stomach and chest, leaving you little slut who languish and still refuses to give his body completely. Next time for sure this bitch will be right.

Date: April 27, 2020

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